What does womanhood mean to you?

To celebrate IWD, we asked three of our favourite women what womanhood means to them. 

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Their answers speak so much volume and depth that we had to share them here with you. Anez, Ada & Sammy come from different stages of life and have different life experiences and perspectives on what it means to be a woman.

I've read their stories over and over again, each time I read it, I get reminded of just how amazing being a woman is. Where there is a woman, there is magic.

“Womanhood means in the face of adversity, sexism, boys clubs, and being sexually objectified so early in our lives, we still continue get out of bed everyday and fight for our rights. And to all the real men that stand up and fight with us, thank you. Womanhood is being part of a sisterhood and supporting each other, for we are the ones who know what it is to have experienced these challenges and how it feels like to be a woman every day. We are strong; we are women.” - Anez

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“As women, we often get trapped in a box of social expectations and doubts where we have to work extra hard or alternate our personalities in an attempt to fit into societal expectations. I see the young me continually doubt herself to fit it and be seen as ‘normal’, even when I was struggling to keep up to keep society happy. I often felt like a stranger in my own body, burying my thoughts, doubts and filtering my speech.

Over the past few months of consistently working on myself and learning to simply disregard the opinions of myself that have been placed on by other people, I’ve learnt to develop into a stronger woman. Recently, I’ve dropped the need to act in accordance to everyones perception of me, simply because my mental health is more important than me matching your expectations.As women, we are all beautiful and talented in our own ways, shaped by both our individual beliefs and society. This International Women’s Day marks an important recognition in the way we stand up for ourselves and continually reshape the way we build ourselves amongst societal, to reclaim ourselves and our strengths. As women we should all come together and respect each other, not compete. We are all different and special in our own ways and even though it took a long time for me to realise this power of womanhood and community of support, Im working on myself day by day, continually swooning over my own resilience, achievements and strength, despite the past. To me, Womanhood means strength, women from all over the centuries have fought for what we have today and we are still fighting, TOGETHER. ❤️” - Ada

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“A woman is always in the process of becoming 

She has been woven and shaped since she was a small child. Sit down, be quiet, don’t have an opinion… 

She learns from here that she will only be tolerated in a man’s world by following these rules. She is suppressed by design. 

It is the moment she begins to listen to her inner voice, a deeper yearning to express the parts of her she never fully understood, that she begins to unravel and become. 

She gives herself permission to be vulnerable, to be brave, to be sensual, and unafraid. 

She begins to feel alive in her body.  

Womanhood is learning to embrace every facet of being a woman - the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, the feminine and the masculine. 

It is learning to see the beauty in the ordinary and celebrate the wondrous. 

Every part of woman is powerful no matter what roles we play. Mother, boss, colleague, friend, lover, daughter, sister… 

Women lead with a quality the world needs more than ever: compassion. This is why we are being called to rise as a collective. To empower and support one another. To heal. 

Womanhood is a culmination of all our experiences as women, each equal and opposite has no real separation. Each part of you mirrors a part of me and I see you. 

We are limitless, exquisite, divine. All encompassing love.” - Sammy

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