5 Most Popular Lingerie Trends In 2021

What in the world of lingerie? There are so many trends and it’s ever changing, so how do we keep up with what’s new? Well, don’t stress! I’ve got what you have to get your hands on this season and it's a list you don't want to miss! 

#1. Red is back

All different shades of red are back in 2021 and we love it! Whether it’s a red lace bodysuit or a dark moody red floral balconette, you gotta get yourself something red this year to brighten up your collection and add a bit of oomph.

Asian woman in red lingerie


woman in red bra set

Kat The Label: The Mavrick Red Set, $80

#2. Hello, bodysuits!

Bodysuits are one of our favourite pieces to collect. We love how diverse the piece is and the vast ways it can be worn. You can wear it just the way it is or match it with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket in winter or top it up with a pair of mini shorts or skirt in summer. It’s so versatile and easy to wear that every woman should at least own one set in their collection, if not many! So what better time than right now to stock up on a few sets during these crazy times in 2021 and come out with a whole new look that will sure turn heads in crowds.

woman in yellow and white bodysuit

Lounge: Zara Bodysuit, $130

Asian woman in white bodysuit

Soy & Spice Lingerie: The Dandelion Bodysuit, $68 (SOLD OUT)

#3. Florals

We’ve all been dying to get out more (I know I have) during this pandemic and more and more people are looking for new ways to look and feel good about ourselves. What better way to do so than with some delicate floral designs? Whether that’s floral prints or floral embroideries, where there’s flowers, there will be hearts.

Asian woman in peach floral bra set
Asian woman in white and red floral bra set

#4. Wireless bras

Sitting in front of a laptop all day every day is already uncomfortable enough, we sure as hell don’t need to feel any more discomfort! Wireless soft cup bras are selling out like there is no tomorrow because of this. I hear some of you through the screen saying “no wire means no support!” Well sister, let me show you a few of our favourites that provide you with all the support without compromising on comfort. 

wireless bra bonds
Asian woman in black bralette set

#5. Silk slip-ons

If you don’t already know this, let me share a little secret with you. There’s literally nothing more luxurious than slipping into a silk slip-on after a hot shower. The material against your skin will feel like you are floating wearing clouds (literally). If you don’t own a set, you are truly missing out!


pink silk slip on dress

Lilysilk: Elegant summer silk slip dress, $149.99


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