Q&A With Meranda


Asian woman in black top

Above photo: Meranda looking super cute!


Q: What events led you to and why you decided to purchase your first lingerie set?


A: My first ever lingerie set was from Soy & Spice! I had stumbled across Mary’s work when I was swiping through Rosie Cheung’s stories on Instagram and was thrilled to find that the lingerie business is the passion project of an East Asian-Australian. I was really grappling with my own self-confidence at the time, and buying a lingerie set was like my own “secret” way of dressing myself up. Putting on the set was like dressing myself in an armor of confidence.

Q: What were some doubts you had when you were making your purchase and how you overcame them?


A: I had initially thought that maybe I would need an occasion to indulge in a lingerie purchase, so I held off on my first purchase for months. In hindsight, there was definitely a point when I decided that I would be proud to support Mary as an artist. This was the first time I had seen my own tastes and design preferences reflected in lingerie, and I realized that I would be so proud to display one of these sets on my body. It was the first of many baby steps I would take throughout 2020 to get out of my comfort zone, to treat myself as I would one of my friends, to go the extra mile while giving gifts and new experiences. 


Q: How did you feel when you wore the set?


A: I felt so put together. I’ve purchased two sets and I adore dressing up in each one for very different reasons. Both sets are comfortable and even allow for some modesty, which made me feel I could dress myself up or down depending on my mood. I was honestly surprised at the versatility and started making my own style choices with the lingerie. 

Q: Any tips for others who want to try it out for the first time?


My first lingerie order was a little daunting because I wasn’t confident it would fit well. Thankfully, Mary patiently answered my many questions about sizing, materials, and what to expect. I really do feel like each set was a gift to myself, so if you’re in need of a personal pick-me-up, Soy Spice has some beautiful options as well as an amazing, communicative creator. Through the Soy Spice blog, I’ve found a community that encourages people to get out of their comfort zone while also providing a soft place to land. If you’re on the fence, just don’t be shy to ask questions!


Asian woman with a dog

Above photo: Meranda with her adorable doggo!

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