3 reasons on how lingerie provides the ultimate confidence

Wearing a set of comfy & beautiful lingerie is not only a form of treating oneself but also a form of self-expression. 

Soy & Spice has 2 different ranges of lingerie, one for the day-to-day wear, like our Black Orchid padded bra set and the other, for more intimate settings, like our Wild Camellia bralette set. Through Soy & Spice, my mission is to showcase that there is nothing to be scared of. We can and should be able to openly express ourselves through lingerie and to be able to completely embrace every little part of ourselves and love it!

Growing up, like many other women, I had insecurities about my body and the way I looked. I felt that I had to constantly compare myself with those around me and if there were parts of my body that I wasn’t happy about, I would try and hide it. For instance, I had rosia on both my cheeks and they were quite obvious, especially during my teens. I’m also quite tanned as an Asian and the rosia gave my skin a tint that I just didn’t like.

It wasn’t until my late teens that I started to embrace my body for what it is and that's when I started to really love myself. 

I discovered my love for lingerie, especially lacey pieces around that time too and I fell completely head over heels.

There are a number of articles online that touches on how lingerie boosts confidence and I am all for it. Below are 3 main reasons why I feel like lingerie is such a valuable and often underutilised vessel in boosting confidence:

  1. It’s a way of self-expression

Lingerie has a magical way of allowing the user to portray their characters through it. It’s not like a t-shirt or a dress that you wear to show the otherside world who you are. Rather, it’s a very intimate and personal thing that only you or a special someone will see. In other words, the type of lingerie we decide to wear is a form of self-identity. 

white bralette, asian girl smiling

Image above: Soy & Spice Lingerie's white Wild Camelia Set


      2. Empowerment

There is something about looking into the mirror with a gorgeous set of lingerie that gives you a sense of power. There’s nothing like the feeling of you appreciating your own body. To me, this screams that I am 100% comfortable with my skin and the way I look and I’m not afraid to show it. This sense of self-love is so powerful and it can give the person a great sense of confidence.

black bralette, asian girl

Image above: Soy & Spice Lingerie's black Wild Camelia Set


3. Treating yo’self

Lingerie is often seen as a luxury and what better way to treat yourselves than with a luxury. I’m sure you have experienced this before, there is a huge difference between when you wear a set that’s not comfy, and doesn’t fit you 100%, whether that’s in its shape or in its aesthetics vs something that does. The right set offers you not only the shape and support to accentuate your body, but also a very different sense of beauty that comes from within.

black padded bra, asian girl

Image above: Soy & Spice Lingerie's Black Orchid padded bra set

Note from the author: 

Has lingerie boosted your confidence? Do you resonate with the above? How does lingerie make you feel?


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