Chapter 5. Building a Community on Instagram



Within one year of launching our Instagram page @soyspicelingerie, we have reached over 700 followers. A handful of these followers have become our customers and I now proudly call them my friends.

I chose Instagram as the social platform to focus on because of its visual aesthetics and it’s where the majority of our audience are hanging out. Instagram has allowed us to build a strong community and understand our customers behaviours and preferences with sizing and product designs, which has informed us on how we should be creating our own collection.

A great thing about Instagram is that it is a platform that follows our customers through their entire purchasing journey with us. Starting from brand awareness all the way to closing a sale and maintaining a long lasting relationship, it can all be done through the one platform.

I learnt how to navigate the platform from scratch and here are 5 tips on growing on community on Instagram.

Tip #1

Have high quality images

There’s no secret now that the audience on instagram are there to absorb visual content. So, by creating high quality content with models specifically related to your niche, you are able to capture the attention of your audience from the get-go, which then can lead to potential sales.

Tip #2

Have a consistent theme

Keeping one element consistent throughout your entire feed helps to not only build your brand but also help the audience to view your feed more cohesively. For example, when you scroll through our feed @soyspicelingerie, you will notice a consistent theme of the colour red and flowers. Attaching the themes to a background story, allows the audience to form an even deeper connection with your brand. We chose red because it symbolises celebration & prosperity in many Asian cultures and flowers because it represents femininity and beauty.

Tip #3

Comment & engage with followers

Instagram is a platform for interactions, so you gotta interact with your followers. Frequently DM’ing followers to check up on them and see how they are doing is extremely important in building trust and fostering a relationship with them. Liking and commenting on potential followers posts are also extremely important in gaining new followers. Typically I spend half an hour every night scouting for new potential followers that could turn into qualified leads and eventually turn them into a paying customer. At the end of the day, the number of followers you have is just a number, however, if you turn these followers into customers, then you are creating real value.

Tip #4

Host contests and giveaways

Collaborating with partners in a similar space to you could lead you to rapidly growing your community. By running contests and giveaways, you are also creating activities for your own followers to participate in, which also builds on brand loyalty. When thinking about the type of contests to run, I find it useful to think about what the end purpose is and what value you are creating for the participants. The platform is saturated with different kinds of contests, so yours has to stand out and be something creative. For example, we recently partnered with, a platform educating women about their bodies and minds to run a contest in celebration of our periods for International Women’s Day. This contest is raw and jarring and is something we hope to create some positive vibes around the topic of period.

Tip #5

Have a IG stories schedule 

Coming up with new story ideas every day is extremely time consuming. Having a set schedule of the types of content you will be posting on a daily basis minimises the time spent on thinking about this, so you have more time to spend on doing other things. Our weekly stories schedule typically starts with a feature from someone within our community on Mondays, then on Tuesdays, I take the audience behind the scenes and show them what I do a daily basis, Wednesday, I share some educational content on different topics, Thursdays, I feature a testimonial from our customers or share a special deal and on Fridays, I do a weekly update on what has happened this week. I usually do a short instagram detox on Sat & Sunday to recharge and prepare for next week.

These 5 tips have helped me grow our account and drive sales into our funnel. If you are just starting off, it will take sometime to build the momentum but just remember to keep going and you will soon find your groove!

Note from author

Hello! I hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully at least one of these tips will help you in growing your community on Instagram. Remember, if you are running a business, the sole purpose of creating a community is to use it in funnelling sales into your business. So, always have this in the back of your mind when you are creating content, doing outreach and engaging with followers.

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