Expert Advice Series: 5 Tips On How To Turn Food Into Your Friend & Not Your Enemy

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Food, oh glorious food. Something that we think about on a constant basis and something that everyone cannot live without, literally speaking.

I personally have a love-hate relationship with food. My love for food has grown over the years as I started to learn how to cook. I find joy when I'm in the kitchen and I love the look on the faces of those that I feed when they eat a good meal. However, I suffer from constant heartburn and acid reflux, meaning that there are certain types of food I cannot eat, such as anything too acidic, fatty or spicy. I also can't eat too much food for dinner or late at night and too much red meat also upsets my stomach. The dilemma between the two has caused me many sleepless nights rolling around in pain.

I am sure you have your own story to tell, whether that's good or bad.  Regardless, food should be our friend and not our enemy and so, here are 5 tips from Chris, @Sophryn_ on how to turn food into your friend. Chris is a food positivity coach who teaches you about the diet culture and how to change our mindsets when it comes to food.

Tip #1 Remove harsh, black + white mindsets around food: the should’s, the have-tos, supposed-to’s. Remember that there is no perfect way of eating!


Tip #2 Instead of removing foods, think about what else you can add to your meal/food experience.


Tip #3 Create a vibe: dine yourself! Set a mood-- music, lighting, decor, company.


Tip #4 Follow your palette! Food is best when it’s actually enjoyed.


Tip #5 Avoid (like the plague) videos on “what I ate in a day!”. They always make you feel shitty.

What has been your experience with food? We would love to hear! Comment below and let us know.

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