Design Process Step 4: The Stories Behind Our Lifestyle & Packaging Boards

inspiration mood board


Lifestyle Board

When I first started to think about the inspirations for our collection, I wanted to focus on finding inspirations that represented ‘the feeling’ of what I hope our collection will be like and not necessarily the actual visual representations.

When I visited Japan at the end of 2019, I absolutely loved the architecture there and so when I was scrolling through Pinterest, I couldn’t help pin all these beautiful architectures onto my board. I loved how simple yet elegant these buildings look and although no bra or undies can have the shape of these buildings, I wanted our garments to reflect the simplicity yet elegance these buildings bring. 

As I continued to scroll through Pinterest, I found myself falling in love with the delicacy of the flowers drawn in these pictures and immediately I knew I wanted our line to also reflect the femininity and beauty of these drawings. 

After spending hours on Pinterest thinking about how I want our customers to feel when they wear our garments, I came across these stunning landscape photos that depict serenity and peacefulness. I wanted our collection to represent peace within oneself and what better way to represent that than these photos.

The vibrant, liveness and happiness of these photos from South-East Asia is also something that I wanted to represent in our collection. I want the person wearing it to celebrate themselves and be fully content with themselves.

Inspiration mood board
inspiration mood board

I have to say, this mood board is my favourite out of the four. It gave me clarity on what I wanted for our collection and when I put all the pieces together, I felt a sense of completeness with our collection and it made me happy.

Packaging Board

Keeping on brand, I wanted to use as much sustainable materials as possible with our packaging. Our swing tags are from Words with Heart and they are made out of 100% recyclable paper. The reason why I choose Words With Heart is because not only do they make their products out of recyclable materials, but also because each purchase supports education programs for women and children in need. I think that’s beautiful.

Our tissue paper, mailers and even the stickers used are from Noissue and they too are all 100% recyclable. The idea is that you can throw all your packaging into the recycling bin without worrying where it goes into the landfill. The only part of our packaging that isn’t recyclable are the pins and the ribbons used. Attached is a mockup of our swing tag for you to have a look at!

In the next article, I will show you snippets of our tech packs and walk you through the steps we took to create them with the Melbourne Fashion Labs.

swing tag examples

Notes from Author

Finding inspiration for our collection was an exercise I thoroughly enjoyed. I wanted our line to be packed full of meaning and where that meaning streams from holds a lot of value. 

I hope that from reading this article, you will see where our inspirations came from and when you wear our garments, you will be able to feel that inspiration as apart of you.


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