5 Ways On Choosing The Right Career Path

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Career decision is often a very stressful and confusing part of our lives. We are pushed to make this decision at a very early age that many of us end up choosing something out of haste.

In this short article I will share with you a few tips to help you decide what studies and career to choose.


1. Listen to yourself

We are so quick to seek advice and ask everyone what to do that we forget to ask the one person who knows what we want and like; ourselves. Listen to your inner self. What is it telling you?

Take some time for yourself and think. Think about your dream job, think about what you are attracted to, what you like the most, or at least what you absolutely cannot stand!

I hate data analysis and sitting behind a desk working on excel sheets! This alone helps me navigate myself in a sea of job options.


2. Learn more about yourself

To know what one should do, one should know who they are. Unfortunately since the day we are born we live with constant distractions. School teach us many things but fail to teach us about self-awareness and emotional intelligence, do not wait for school to direct you. Learn about who you are and direct yourself. So if you need a gap year to learn about yourself, do it. A gap year isn't synonym of traveling. Don't be fooled by social media, you can have a gap year at home and still grow and learn so much about yourself! During that gap year take on as many jobs as possible, try different internships, try some freelancing activities and learn about yourself as much as possible.

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3. Do not rush things

Take your time! We are told that we have to have everything sorted out by the age of 23 because that's society's "graduating" age, but so what? Why live your life based on someone else's timeline?


4. Do your research

Do not only rely on what people say. Do your research.

Your aunt is telling you to pursue a career in medicine because you have excellent grades in scientific subjects? Great, but is that something you want? Is there not another job that will satisfy you more than being a doctor? Should you only rely on you grades? Always ask yourself questions, they will help guide you.


5. Know that you can always redirect yourself no matter what

We make mistakes, we learn and we rise again. Do not overthink your decisions too much. Remember that whatever path you have crossed or will cross is meant for you.

Mary & I share a few more tips on my podcast! Click the link below to listen to our conversation where we dived deeper into college & career decisions as well as how to deal with social and cultural pressure :)

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Asian woman sitting infront of desk

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