Expert Advice Series: 5 Tips to Help Overcome Anxiety & Build Confidence

1) Cultivate a Morning Practice 
  • Whether it's meditation, journaling, dance or walking in nature, having a morning mind body practice is necessary in order to tune in to how you feel and address anxiety before it becomes overwhelming. Consistency is key here because showing up for yourself every day builds self-trust and confidence over time. Even 5 minutes every day can have a profound impact on your mental and physical health.  
2) Practice Appreciation
  • Before going to bed, write out 5 things that you appreciate about your day. If you can do this every night, writing out different things you appreciated about each day, you'll likely notice that your mind begins to look for more things to appreciate. Many people find that this practice helps to combat anxious and spiraling thoughts. 
3) Balance Your Blood Sugar
  • A common trigger for anxiety is low blood sugar. When we go too long between meals or let our blood sugar dip, it puts stress on our adrenal glands and cortisol levels begin to rise. This can result in feelings of "jitteriness" and greater anxiety. A simple way to avoid this is to incorporate healthy fats (ex. avocados, olive oil, clarified butter), healthy protein (ex. nuts, lentils, grass-fed meat) and fiber with each meal. This helps to stabilize blood sugar to avoid disruptive imbalances.   
4) Omega-3 Rich Foods 
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from seafood, algae and flax seeds support brain function and a healthy response to inflammation. This is extremely important for addressing anxiety and supporting resilience under stress - a trait that builds self-confidence.   
5) Help Others 
  • Simply offering a kind presence and listening without judgement allows us to go beyond ourselves and recognize our ability to have a positive impact in the world. Many people who work with charitable organizations find that it helps to reduce their anxiety symptoms because they feel a greater sense of connection and purpose in their lives. Showing up for others in this way also boosts confidence in our abilities to make a difference. 
Bio & Services Offered: 
Dr. Anjali Kasunich is a California-licensed Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of Mantra Natural Medicine - her private practice based out of Los Angeles. She's passionate about helping people understand and heal what's causing their symptoms so they can thrive! In addition to working with patients individually, she's led workshops and healing dance experiences to help more people learn about their bodies and heal themselves.  
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